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Delta Unisaw®Parts

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The following replacement parts are available for immediate shipment. These replacement parts will bring your saw up to peak performance. If you need a part you don't see, please call 800.850.8359

for a detailed parts diagram click here...

Not sure if you have a  Right Tilt or Left Tilt? Click HERE

To Order, call 800-850-8359 or click below...If you don't see something you need, call us. We are continually adding parts

Replacement Hand wheel for Elevation and Angle Adjustment. Fits all Unisaws.

422 04 400 0007
Hand Wheel
Qty: Price: $44.95


appearance may vary

Replacement  Lock Knobs, Current style

Lock Knob Lock Knob
Qty: Price: $19.95


    Generic Round Lock Knob


Round Lock Knob
Qty: Price: $24.45 ea

Cast Iron Extension Wing    10" x 27"

(Will fit the Delta Unisaw & Contractor Saws

(Standard equipment on the Hybrid Saws...)

912856 Right Side  

RH Extension Wing
Qty: Price: $100.75


 A01413  Left Side   

LH Extension Wing
Qty: Price: $107.15


Mounting Hardware (bolts & washers)   A01342 ( not shown)

Mounting Hardware Kit
Qty: Price: $10.65

              Original Equipment HD Unisaw Version (with square edges)

 Right hand only side:  A24617

RH Extension Wing
Qty: Price: $277.73

(out of stock)

Click HERE for dimensions...


Original Equipment, Delta Unisaw® Replacement Motors..

 These motors have proven to be extremely efficient and long lived.

Left Tilt / Right Tilt??  Click Here   Before Ordering!!


Motor, for 3HP 1 Phase 220V for Right Tilting saws only

3 HP Motor 220V
Qty: Price: $875.00




Motor, for 3HP 1Phase 220Vfor Left Tilting  saws   Our Price:$699.00

discontinued no longer available



Motor, 5 HP 1 Phase 220V for Right Tilting saws  List:$1159.87  Our Price:$865.00
discontinued no longer available



Motor, 5 HP 1 Phase 220V for Left Tilt  List: $1137.04 Our Price:$899.00
discontinued no longer available


reartrunnion.jpg (6120 bytes)


Rear Support Bracket
Qty: Price: $52.25

No longer available


Front Support Bracket for Right Tilt
Qty: Price: $327.50
Front Support Bracket for Left Tilt
no longer available

Replacement pointer bracket with lock pins

Replaces old, worn out brackets and pins to restore functionality to the elevating locking mechanism.


Pointer Bracket kit w/lock pins
Qty: Price: $59.90

no longer available

click here to see the how to assemble


Arbor, for LEFT Tilting Unisaws

( Delta  422403030002 equivalent )

 (order bearings  separately)


 50-779 Arbor, Left Tilt

Qty: Price: $139.95

includes 50-779 Blade Nut & Arbor retaining nut

Arbor  for Right Tilt ONLY (order bearings below separately)

(Fits ALL right- tilt Unisaws® (Delta  422043030003 equivalent)

Note, if you are ordering both arbor AND bearings together, we will pre-install the inner bearing on the arbor before shipping at no additional cost)



 50-776 Arbor, Right Tilt
Qty: Price: $139.95

includes 50-876 Blade Nut & Arbor retaining nut

Extra 50-879 Blade Nut
Qty: Price: $19.95

(Will not fit original equipment arbors)

Extra 50-876 Blade Nut
Qty: Price: $19.95

(Will not fit original equipment arbors)


Original Equipment Blade Nut for Left Tilt saws
Qty: Price: $10.95

 Left Tilt vs Right Tilt??  Click Here. Before Ordering!!



Original Equipment Blade Retaining Nut for Right Tilt
y: Price: $19.95

Left Tilt vs Right Tilt?  Click Here. Before Ordering!!



Arbor Wrench, fits 50-776 and 50-979(above)

(will not fit original Delta arbors, use 955-01-050-1472 sold below..)

50-900 Wrench
Qty: Price: $10.95

Arbor Components

Left Tilt vs Right Tilt?  Click Here. Before Ordering!!

 Bearings- Use 2 per saw:( Old vs New: click here to see differences)  


Bearing, New Style
Qty: Price: $22.28


Bearing, Old Style
Qty: Price: $45.50

Additional Arbor Components:


Qty: Price: $3.89


Load Spring
Qty: Price: $6.95



Spacer .470
Qty: Price: $13.51


Large Bearing Retaining Nut
Qty: Price: $12.95

We can rebuild your arbor for you.

Click here for more information

on our arbor rebuilding service

                  Pulleys & Belt Sets

422-04-130-0003  3¼ Arbor Pulley

(used on ALL versions of Unisaw)

Arbor Pulley

Qty: Price: $39.95

41-644  3-1/2" Motor Pulley

Motor Pulley for 3450 RPM Motors with 3/4" shaft

Qty: Price: $68.95


49124 Belts

(use with 3450 RPM  motor with the 3-1/2" motor pulley only)

49124 Belt Set of 3
Qty: Price: $39.75

491013 Belt Set

 (for use with the 5-1/4" motor pulley only)

Belts-set of 3
Qty: Price: $29.75


   927-03-020-2660 Pulley Key

   Use on both motor & arbor pulleys 

   Qty: Price: $3.89



Outside Blade Flange
Qty: Price: $8.95

Blade Retaining Nut for Right Tilt
y: Price: $19.95

Left Tilt vs Right Tilt?  Click Here. Before Ordering!!


Blade Nut for Left Tilt saws
Qty: Price: $10.95

 Left Tilt vs Right Tilt??  Click Here. Before Ordering!!


Outside Blade Wrench
Qty: Price: $11.95

Inside Blade Wrench
Qty: Price: $14.95

Fine Thread Arbor Retaining Nut
Qty: Price: $9.44

36-201 Unisaw One Piece Arbor Nut & Flange Assembly with separate Dado Nut without flange for stacked dado operations

Each features a wide knurled grip with a hex-head area for final tightening.

For LEFT Tilting Unisaws only, including the new style

36-L336,352 & 552


36-201  One Piece Arbor Nut Kit
Qty: Price: $39.95

Delta Original Equipment Replacement push button switch

Click here for inside view and mounting details.








( appearance may vary)


Replacement for all single phase saws of  3 HP or 5HP single phase 220V. Has magnetic cutout  & overload  protection.  Used in Delta Limited/Platinum & X5 Edition Unisaws, shapers. The 3 hp version includes power cord and 220V plug. You must supply the wiring from the switch to the motor.

Switch, 1 Phase  3 HP 9-15 amp
No Longer Available- Use A26314S Below


Switch, 1 Phase 5 HP 21-25 amp
No Longer Available- Use A26375S Below
Mounting Bracket
Qty: Price: $17.54

Click picture for larger view

Safety Switch

Large off button

Wired for 115 VAC

            842365 Safety Switch
                   No Longer Available


3HP Motor Switch A26314S

 Motor starter switch. Extra large Stop Button for added safety. Mounts on the bracket sold above. This switch comes complete with power cord to the wall.  It also has magnetic cutout  & adjustable overload  protection. (Replaces 438-01-317-0153)

 ( Mounts on 422-40-014-0014 bracket sold above)

3 HP Switch
Qty: Price: $229.99


 5 HP Motor Starter

230V Single Phase 21-25 Amps
Qty: Price: $239.99
Expected Delivery 11/15/15

Replacement Manual push-button switch     

For Single phase 220V 1-3 HP Motors

 manual start only.

 Includes new push-button plate.


Manual PB Switch
Qty: Price: $59.29

        (Does not include mounting box or wiring)

Replacement  push-button switch 

Used in  1 & 3 Phase Low Voltage Controls only, used in conjunction with the relay control box on rear of saw:


No Longer Available

Complete Bracket Assembly

Includes arbor,bearings,pulley,spacers,all preassembled.  Just remove old bracket & slide in the new one. ( See Repairing Unisaws ). A must for busy cabinet shops who can't afford down time!

We can rebuild your arbor for you.

Click here for more information on our arbor rebuilding service



Arbor Complete-Right Tilt
Qty: Price: $589.34

No Longer Available


Arbor Complete-Left Tilt
Qty: Price: $358.65

No Longer Available


Bare Bracket Only-Right Tilt
No Longer Available


Bare Bracket Only-Left Tilt
Qty: Price: $284.56

no longer available

Replacement Miter Gauge           

Fits all Delta 9 & 10" Contractors saws, Unisaws, Shapers and 14" Band saws with 3/4" wide slot in table.  


34-929 Miter Gage
Qty: Price: $76.00


     Old Style Delta/Rockwell "Jet Lock™" Rip fence front clamp casting.  


Front Clamp Casting
Qty: Price: $249.00
available by special order only-Call)


Old Style Delta/Rockwell "Jet Lock™ " Rip Fence Rear Slide Block kit

Includes hook, spring & lever


Slide Block

Qty: Price: $64.95

Click Here to see how to adjust...



For Delta/Rockwell 10" Unisaws:

Guard  only, w/splitter (original Equipment, Right Tilt as shown ,right)
no longer available



Guard, with All mounting Hardware (Right Tilt)No Longer Available


Guard, with All mounting Hardware (Left Tilt)
No longer available

   Left Tilt / Right Tilt..Not Sure what you have? Click Here.
See-Thru Blade Guards with Splitterguard.JPG (5777 bytes)  Standard equipment on Unisaws



What's Included: Click Here




30" Front Unifence Rail

36-130 Unifence Rail
Qty: Price: $216.32


50" Front Unifence Rail
36-150 Unifence Rail
Qty: Price: $230.98

Replacement nylon slide blocks for the early- style unifence. Two kits  per fence are required.


Slide Kit

No Longer Available

Unifence "Old Style" Cursor

400 06 375 0001

Fits OLD STYLE 30 & 50" Unifence

Old Style Cursor
Qty: Price: $16.95


422 27 075 0006

Cursor-New Style
Qty: Price: $18.95

Replacement Fence System

Complete  30" capacity  replacement fence system will fit the Delta/Rockwell Unisaw or the Delta/Rockwell 34-4XX series contractor saws.

Includes rail system, fence and mounting hardware.

Click here for more details

Click here for assembly  manual & details on mounting

36t30 fence system
Qty: Price: $229.00 Shipping: $40

(Must be ordered separately from any other item)

Biesemeyer T-Square Fence and Rail System

  • One piece 14 gage 2 by 3” rectangular steel guide tube, mounted to on ¼” section angle iron rail.
  • Mounting design attaches to Delta® and most other table saws with cast iron tables.
  • Laminated 9 ply Birch Plywood sides are durable and non-marring.
  • Fence body constructed of 14 gage welded steel.
  • Three-point locking system with twin hairline pointers to assure fence is parallel to blade
    and accurate to within 1/64"
  • Easy-gliding, on solid nylon pads, with quick action handle with magnets to hold handle up in
    release position, for easy positioning.
  • Fence securely clamps to both front tube only to insure perfectly parallelism to the blade
    front to back.
  • Quick – Fence removal for locating on either side of the blade for consistent ripping capabilities on either side.
  • For blade left or right tilt saws.


BC30 T2

36" Rip Biesemeyer T-Square Fence and Rail System

BC30 Fence
Qty: Price: $399.00 Shipping: $65.00
(Must be ordered separately from any other item)

52" Rip Biesemeyer T-Square Fence and Rail System

BC50 Fence
Qty: Price: $449.00 Shipping: $65.00
(Must be ordered separately from any other item)



Deluxe Uniguard

Designed for use on Delta 10" Unisaws, 10" Tilting arbor saws and older  Delta 10" contractor saws with or without extension tables  (not compatible  with the 36-T30 or T2-50 fence systems)

click  HERE  to see mounting details..

or Here for instruction manual( Large File).

34-976 Uniguard
Qty: Price: $329.00 Shipping: $65.00


Replacement clear guard set( 2-side, 1 top)
Qty: Price: $54.95

 For use with the Biesemeyer fence systems, you must add:

78-953 Adaptor strap
Qty: Price: $140.00

(Special order Item- Call to Order-Limited Quantity)


 For Unisaws® and 10"  Contractor Saw* series

*(Contractor's saws that have the REAR mounted motor only)



Standard Table Insert-Right Tilt
Qty: Price: $59.95


Standard Table Insert-Left Tilt
Qty: Price: $56.80


Dado Insert- Right Tilt
Qty: Price: $64.95



Dado Insert- Left Tilt
Qty: Price: $89.10

Table Inserts34154.JPG (6940 bytes)

Motor Cover

Plastic molded cover.  Fits  Unisaws with opening  sizes of: 15 1/4" x 16 3/4". With mounting clips.  check size opening on your saw before ordering!


Motor Cover
Qty: Price: $109.95

No Longer Available

Delta Splitter (as shown)

For both Right/Left Tilting Unisaws

1349941S Splitter
Qty: Price: $79.95
(limited quantities)

What's Included

Click Here for installation details for the Delta  Splitter..




Biesmeyer Splitter RT
Qty: Price: $149.95



Biesmeyer Splitter LT
Qty: Price: 159.95


Delta  34-868 Disappearing Splitter

With anti-kickback fingers it provides protection for all sawing operations, disappears below table for dadoing and other non-thru cutting jobs. Fits UNISAW 10" Right Tilting Arbor Saws only.

Disappearing Splitter
Qty: Price: $129.95

Installation instructions HERE


Mobile bases make moving heavy machinery a snap!

     For Basic Unisaw  with 24"or 30" fence systems:

( will not fit saws with  old cast iron collar, measure before ordering)


Mobile Base  
Qty: Price: $84.95

inside size 20-5/8" x 20-5/8"(check before ordering)



                             Universal Mobile Base
                                    Qty: Price: $69.95


Assembly Required. Wood not Included.
  • Designed to increase the mobility of your woodworking machines
  • Conforms to most base sizes; just add your own hardwood rails
  • Features 11-gage, welded corner brackets and easy-gliding wheels
  • 450 pound capacity

 For newer Unisaws with 50 or 52" fence systems: 


Mobile Base
Qty: Price: $199.95

Delta 25-870 Magnetic Work Light

  • Provides the added light needed for improved accuracy in the work shop
  • Magnetic base mounts securely to any ferrous surface
  • 6-ft cord offers more reach and versatility
  • 14-in flexible arm allows you to direct the light right where you need it
  • Uses a standard 40 watt bulb (not included)
Magnetic Work Lamp
Qty: Price: $39.95

We Recommend the following Saw blades:

Gold Medal Series:

One saw, one blade: No problem!

The highest quality combination blade you can buy. Rip or cross-cut in thick or thin materials.

10" 40 Tooth

Gold Medal Blade GM25540
Qty: Price: $89.00

Rapid-Cut Series:

TENRYU's Rapid-Cut Super quiet planer-combination blade. Outstanding rip or cross. "The smoothest-cutting of all the ATB/R blades in our test" , Wood Magazine, Feb.2000, page 67.

10" 50 Tooth ATB

Rapid Cut RS25550-2
Qty: Price: $59.00


Other sizes, styles available. Call to inquire..


 The Gold Medal Dado is the best all around Dado made anywhere. The Gold Medal Dado Set adds to TENRYU'S reputation as the brand of choice for fine woodworking. This set produces super-clean dado edges with an astoundingly flat bottom surface in wood materials and even in melamine.

8"X 40T

Gold Medal Dado GMD20340
Qty: Price: $279.00

Specially designed triple chip tooth produces extremely smooth glue line rips in hard and soft woods from 1/8" to 1" thick.

10" 30T

 Glue Line Rip Blade IW25530D1
Qty: Price: $64.00

SILENCER SERIES Extra smooth cuts in various thickness wood on all types of saws. ATAF (Shear Face Grind) for fast clean cuts. Dampened Laser Cut Plate for less vibration. Resin filled Laser Cut Slots for less cutting noise

10" 72T SL-25572

72 Tooth Cut-off Blade
Qty: Price: $69.00

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